Agenda 2024

  • What Do Retail Buyers Want in 2024 and Onwards?

    • Assessing retail buyer demand for sustainable products.
    • How are buyers sourcing the next generation of sustainable products?
    • How are supermarkets transitioning to net-zero and implementing greater sustainability practices?
    • How to build a successful F&B brand that is attractive to retailers?
    • What challenges are retailers facing when incorporating environmental and sustainable metrics within purchasing decisions?
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    Differentiating your Product through Labelling & Packaging

    • How to implement an urgent unified sustainable food labelling system?
    • How to effectively label your product on environmental issues to attract retailers?
    • Compostable packaging and its impact on minimising food waste.
    • Optimising food packaging by minimising the amount of packaging and maximising storage.
    • White labelling to meet your sustainability objectives.
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    Regenerative Food & Agriculture

    • Beyond sustainability: A food system to restore the planet.
    • Advancing regenerative F&B practices at scale and scope.
    • How are retailers ensuring that F&B sold is managed regeneratively?
    • Is it possible to grow more food through regenerative & restorative practices?
    • Regenerative grazing that supports human & ecosystem health, farm profitability and food system resilience.
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    Food Technology Trends & Innovations

    • How is science, data and technology playing a role within food sustainability?
    • What are the latest developments within vertical farming, alternative proteins, cultured meats, nutraceuticals, and other innovative solutions to our climate challenges?
    • How are retailers implementing the latest F&B technological advancements?
    • How is technology driving improvements within the F&B product ion process?
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  • Plotting a Greener Future for Retail

    • Incorporating sustainable food supply chain metrics, including resource usage, energy usage and social standards.
    • Food retail’s role in preventing waste and implementing a circular industry.
    • The inclusion of sustainability measurements in daily decision-making processes and quantifying sustainability objectives for retailers.
    • Understanding the financial impact of sustainable initiatives and measuring progress.
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    Developing a More Resilient & Sustainable Supply Chain

    • Addressing the sustainability challenges of last mile logistics.
    • Implementing a more resistant supply chain through public and private policy.
    • Addressing carbon footprints across the supply chain and solutions to implement greener practices.
    • The digitisation of a global supply chain and AI development.
    • Reducing supply chain damage, waste and developing a circular system.
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    Food that Tastes Good, Healthy & Cost-Effective

    • Food innovation that is a force for good.
    • How are retailers offering more nutritious products during a cost of living crisis?
    • How to embed nutritional security within food security.
    • How are major F&B brands delivering sustainable nutritional outcomes?
    • Developing a product that is protective of biodiversity, culturally acceptable, nutritious and economically fair.
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    Financing the Next Wave of Food Entrepreneurs

    • How to scale up and raise finance during difficult economic periods.
    • Financing programs to support food security and regenerative practices.
    • What F&B industries are capturing investor attention?
    • Big food’s stake in the future: In-house VC funds and acquisition opportunities.
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