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A great start to a very long journey

Sustainable Foods London’s vision is simple. We are a high-level, senior platform that supports, informs, and inspires change across the entire food and drink supply chain. We are the UK’s only conference and exhibition dedicated to sustainable Food and Drink. If your brand or service is supporting the transition towards sustainable food systems, our event is for you.

We are tackling crucial subjects across the entire supply chain. The challenges are not ‘one size fits all’. We welcome all groups within the F&D chain. We want the most innovative and sustainable brands attending the conference, networking, and tackling the key issues facing the sector. Through a 2-day senior strategic summit, we offer unparalleled networking opportunities with c-level regulators, government decision-makers, multinational food businesses, and cutting-edge technology providers. Our mission is to empower companies and investors who are creating a more efficient and sustainable future for global F&D.

The world’s food system and supply chain is fragile. The industry, referring to production, processing, transporting and consumption of food is at breaking point. Food systems touch every aspect of our existence, from the health of our bodies, health of the environment, our economies and broader social culture. It is integral to our way of life. Sadly, our food supply chain is failing. More people are entering food insecurity, climate challenges are at breaking point and our planet’s health is failing. The past few years, highlighted by the Covid pandemic have shown the instability of the industry and widespread global disruptions now prevalent. We need to take action now!

The climate damage created by the Food and Drink (F&D) sector has only recently taken centre stage following global acceptance that a third of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions are generated by the F&D industry. The share of greenhouse gas emissions linked to energy use and industrial processing is on the rise. The food system needs to invest in energy efficiency and decarbonising technologies, all the way from farm to fork. As climate change deteriorates, we are witnessing greater global food insecurity. Adverse weather patterns are creating droughts, heat waves and heavy rainfall. Rising food commodity prices in 2022 resulted in an additional 30 million people entering food insecurity. At the same time the global F&D industry is the number one source of methane and biodiversity loss. As the world’s population continues to rise, large swathes of biodiversity are lost to water intensive and carbon heavy farming practices.

The problems are extensive but can be fixed. It is not too late start implementing changes that will shape a sustainable future for the F&D sectors. We will continue to deliver a powerful, inspiring, and challenging platform, and all we ask in exchange is that you continue to use Sustainable Foods London as a pillar in the sustainable F&D calendar.

See you soon!

Jawad Allawi
Event Director

Sustainable Foods Coffee

Hundreds of industry leaders chose to attend Sustainable Foods London 2022, and we are honoured and humbled that the industry has made our event the ‘go to event’ for sustainability.

We believe that the sustainable F&D industry deserves focus, and it is not enough to simply add a few topics to an agenda or create a small area inside an existing show.

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